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Originally developed by one person and using a custom made game engine, Dangerous Rays is a single player FPS game with some survival components inspired by the S.T.A.L.K.E.R* game series, where you play as a normal citizen that survived a nuclear disaster. After some years in your fallout shelter you need to get out because you start to run out of food. It is time to confront the new world and discover what happened and how the whole society is now changed.

Dangerous Rays is currently in early alpha access and we need your support to be able to continue the development and make a great game. The game has been Greenlit and will be released on Steam in the near future.

* Custom made game engine especially made for PC and this game genre.
* Very active development with regular updates.
* Professional dev team with some past work in the game industry.
* "Free Roam" game mode featuring an huge procedurally generated world, explore thousand of kilometers.
* "Story" mode directed by Mxthe the famous creator of "Underhell" Source mod. (Not available ingame yet)
* Advanced Graphics (Deferred Shading, HDR, SSAO, Color Grading, Godrays...)
* Survival gameplay components.
* Realistic daycycle and weather simulation.
* Physically based interactions powered by PhysX 3.
* Advanced weapons simulation and ballistic.
* Complex AI navigation system based on navmeshes.
* Extensive modding possibilities.

And more...

* S.T.A.L.K.E.R game series is developed by GSC Game World, Ⓒ Transavision Ltd 2009.


Dangerous Rays

Dangerous Rays